What Does the Unity Sand Wedding Symbolize?

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The need of a wedding is to signify that two lives have become one. The wedding ceremony in any culture puts this into emphasis by showing that the couple has left its old ways and both have agreed to be life partners. The unity sand wedding is used to symbolize this unity before the children. In a wedding sand demonstration, two bottles are put aside each with some sand. The unity is brought the two into one life. As the sand in the two containers is being poured into one large container, it means that the lives that existed before will no longer exist. Go to the reference of this site for more information about unity sand wedding.

It is common to include some wording about what is happening during the wedding. The words are prepared by the couple or friends who are organizing the whole ceremony. Some romantic words are arranged that the bride and the groom will take when taking their vow to love and cherish each other in their lives. The promises are made when the sand is being poured to symbolize the commitment to the new life of marriage. The names of children must be mentioned when the pouring is taking place.

The unity sand wedding is a simple idea that has a powerful message. The pouring of sand with different colors forms different layers. The colors can be more if the kids are present. The unity is symbolic. If you are planning this kind of a wedding it is best you get the package on all items that you need for the day to be successful. The sand wedding can be used even in normal weddings where rings are present. The sand pouring happens immediately after rings have been exchanged. The nice thing about this wedding is that it can happen anywhere. To read more about the wedding sand click the link.

The layers of sand in the jar indicate how important every person is in the relationship. After the wedding, the two should be inseparable just like the sand grains after they have mixed. If it is in a religious marriage, the initial layer on the jar should be white sand which symbolized the presence of God in the marriage. The rest follow above that layer.

When planning the wedding sand ceremony, it is encouraged that you invite other family members. They bear witness that the couple has abandoned their lives and agreed to live a new and happy life. The officiant of the wedding will guide the congregation on every step about the event. Seek more info about sand wedding http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rev-laurie-sue-brockway/sand-ceremony-helps-blend_b_6544248.html.